Two hands unite to form a heart - one hand is a Black woman's and the other is a white woman's

Mission & Founders

The Ally League's mission is to combat racism by helping allies move from empathy for those affected by racism to action to dismantle it. Our initial goal is to make an impact on our community by supporting and amplifying Black-owned businesses. 

We bring great products from Black entrepreneurs to allies who might not otherwise know about them. This gives allies an opportunity to act toward change by including more Black-owned businesses in their buying behaviors. And that, in turn, helps stimulate the economies of our communities.

Our goal is to create small opportunities for individual allies to help, adding up to big changes for the Black community.

Kesha Rodgers, co-founder of the Ally League

Kesha Rodgers

Kesha Rodgers is a co-founder of the Ally League, wife and mom of two young boys, a diversity and technology professional in the biotechnology industry, and an enthusiastic advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, in schools, and in her community.

"Over the years, Sara and I have spent hours talking to each other, our friends, and our co-workers about how much can change for the better when we embrace our differences. We saw an opportunity to combine our passion for social justice with a desire to start a business and really make an impact on our community."

Sara So

Sara So is a co-founder of The Ally League, wife and mom of three children, and biotechnology professional-turned entrepreneur. As the global pandemic kept much of the world homebound and unable to escape repeated reminders of the consequences of systemic racism, she jumped at the opportunity to join forces with a friend to help spur people to action.

"I have found the best diversity experiences in my life have been personal. My hope is The Ally League can facilitate positive interactions between white and non-white communities in real life, but also through commerce and content online."

With blended, multi-racial families of our own, we recognize that by supporting the needs of Black and other underrepresented minorities in the greater Seattle area, we will create a stronger, more resilient community for us all.

The Ally League is a labor of love for us - two working moms who are passionate about making a difference in the community and helping in a meaningful way.