Non-Profit Partnership FAQ

It’s a question we receive a lot, and so we want to answer it very transparently.

Over the last few months, we have learned that the answer can affect a person’s perception of our business. Because of that, we have discussed and thought this through carefully.

The Ally League is not a non-profit. We are a mission-driven business with non-profit partner.

The process of forming a non-profit is rigorous. You must apply, establishing how the unmet need you’re addressing is unique when compared to existing non-profits. You must establish a formal board of directors, create fundraising plans, follow accounting transparency protocols for securing funding and accounting for what you spend, and produce extensive reporting to show you’re following these and other rules.

These administrative layers are important for consistency and accountability across thousands of non-profits of different varieties. They give you the ability to responsibly run fundraising campaigns and collect donations tax-free. Non-profits are tax exempt, as well, which has monetary advantages.

There are drawbacks, too. It takes time and resources to understand, implement, and maintain the complex rules and processes. Additionally, by law, non-profits are not permitted to engage in political activities. It is critical to us that we maintain that right so that we can advocate for what is meaningful, speak freely from our hearts, and invest our resources freely.

As a two-person operation (okay, one and half, since this is part time work for Kesha), operating a non-profit would mean spending most of our limited start-up time and money on setup, leaving little resource for the work that drives us: helping Black-owned businesses and their owners more directly.

It’s about trade-offs. If we pour our time into action and look for an alternative way to fund the effort, how many more businesses can we support in our first year? How many jobs can we create? How many volunteers can learn and grow because of new experiences? How many compassionists can develop?

We are committed, in this business and in life, to doing everything we can to help end racism. We are also committed to being thoughtful and prudent about how we use our time and other resources, so we can start making a difference as quickly as possible.

We measure our success by our impact toward our mission. We have a big vision of just how much we can do… How many businesses can we can support. How many jobs we can create. How many volunteers who’ll learn and grow because of the real-life experience the had. How many compassionists might develop?

We have partnered with YP Impact, a Seattle-based, Black-led non-profit, to create the Ally League Fund. As an experienced non-profit, YP Impact has the infrastructure and processes in place to ensure accountability and compliance when it comes to philanthropy. They also share passion for our mission – score!

YP Impact accepts tax-deductible donations to the Ally League Fund and partners closely with us to implement the investments we are making in the Black-owned business community, like digital media support and financial services provided at no cost to other Black businesses.

Click here to donate to the Ally League Fund.

Yes! We love to support auctions for charities and audiences that are aligned with our mission. Please submit a request on the contact us page including the non-profit name, website and event date. We will consider the request and respond within a week with a decision.