The Ally League is a Purpose-Driven Organization. These are our values.

The little actions we take every day add up to big changes over time.When we hear about big ways to show up as an ally, we’ll share them with you. But our priority is identifying shifts we can make in our everyday actions and behaviors that transition us away from racist systems. For example, wherever possible, we use Black- and minority-owned companies for our vendor needs.

Black voices must be at the center of anti-racist work. Not because they are more important, but because they are the only ones with credibility on these topics and must be heard to heal and move forward. We have an intentional bias toward Black voices and the Black experience. Allies aren’t saviors. We just use our privilege to help those without it, even if it disadvantages us as a result.

While racism can impact any non-white person or community, our primary focus is racism towards Black people because there is a unique American history tied to the Black experience in this country and in our communities that must be reckoned with. That said, we want to end all forms of racism, and we work with other minority-owned businesses and organizations.

Making authentic connections across races eases the path to a world free of racism.The Ally League seeks to create ways to connect through shared experiences. These events and activities extend beyond discussions of race to help people make authentic connections, discovering what we have in common and appreciating our differences. We have seen first hand how things improve when people get to know others from a different background. Minds change and hearts open. We hope you’ll join us.

Conversation is critical. Communication is the number one tool for achieving lasting change. We must talk to each other about hard stuff to be anti-racist. These topics are complex and best worked out in conversation. While we share and create content to help educate and amplify voices, please recognize there are other perspectives of value on every topic. Our goal is to bring these conversations to new places, but we are not experts. We are merely motivated learners. Please listen to reputable experts and seek out live conversations online or in real life. You won't regret it!

We prioritize acting locally.We absolutely want to contribute to lasting change far and wide. We also understand that the biggest impact comes from what we do locally. We focus first on the impacts we can make on our local communities, and then spread out from there.

Mistakes are inevitable. Give grace.Dismantling a centuries-old system of oppression ain’t easy. If the solutions were obvious and easy to execute, someone would already have fixed it! So that means we are all going to make mistakes along the way while we learn.

When each of us inevitably makes a mistake, it’s important to do what we can to fix it. When we punish people for trying but not getting it right the first time, they stop trying. We believe that people who are earnestly working toward change should have an opportunity to learn from it. Be kind to those who are genuinely trying to do the right thing – including yourself – and encourage folks to try again. 

We’re going to change our minds sometimes.In some ways, that’s kind of the point.At its core, this work is about change and evolution. As we educate ourselves and learn alongside you how to be better allies, we expect our actions, beliefs, and values to change accordingly.

We find the joy wherever we can. Racism and the work to dismantle it is serious business. It’s a long road, and we have to find joy, laughter, and fun everywhere we can to sustain us along the way.